Free Membership

Sign up as NCOAUG member to receive important announcements regarding the activities and events of the group.  Please follow the Free Membership link below. It will take you to the OAUG web site, which houses our membership database.

**PLEASE NOTE**  When prompted to do so, you will need to sign into your existing OAUG profile, or create one, in order to sign up for NCOAUG membership. There is absolutely no charge for creating an OAUG profile, or to become a NCOAUG member.



Once you have signed into your OAUG account, click on "My OAUG Profile" in the upper-left portion of the page, and then click on the "Join a Geographic or Special Interest Group" link.  Next, click on "Geographic User Groups (Geo)" and scroll down to the Illinois grouping.  Check the box next to North Central OAUG, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the SUBMIT button, and your information on file will automatically be uploaded to the NCOAUG database.